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Speed and creativity are basic rules for any business to succeed in this world, but this also at times snatches away happiness and peace of mind for people. It is time to rejoice for all those who use Domino, Sametime and Blackberry servers with the entry of VitalSigns tool into the industry which will make it easy for users to monitor all these servers.

VitalSigns tool will give an advance warning to the users if any of these servers are misbehaving with their actual functions, this tool has been designed in such a way that it will be the best tool in industry to look after the Domino servers apart from which are various advantages provided by this tool to all the administrators of Domino.

VitalSigns will ensure that domino servers will give proper response to the Notes client requests and also look out for any yet to do mails or dead ones by directly questioning the files in mail box. VitalSigns is also said to look after the Domino server tasks and manage them easily by choosing top priority tasks and skipping certain tasks for a while.

Top Four Benefits for Domino Administrators
1. Verifies that Domino servers will respond to Notes client requests (the most important thing that end users care about: is the server "alive"?)

2. Detects Pending and Dead Mail pileups by directly querying the mail.box files. This is the second-most important thing that end users care about: getting their mail. Now. (VitalSigns can also automatically delete dead mail, if desired.)

3. Verifies and manages IBM® Lotus® Notes® Traveler software aka "Traveler" which is rapidly becoming the most mission-criticalDomino Server Task ever to be produced by IBM. Lotus Traveler tends to explode with demand, and if it goes down you are certainly going to hear about it.

4. Verifies and manages Domino server tasks-- the key subsystems of a Domino server-- including the ability to start missing tasks, stop prohibited tasks, detect task hangs, and even restart the server if key tasks are hung. The most important thing for administrators is availability. If the server is supposed to be hosting web applications and HTTP is hung, the server needs to be restarted as soon as possible and VitalSigns can do it for you and tell you when its over.

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