JNIT drives the use of new, fast changing digital technology to solve problems.  We advocate cloud computing, reducing reliance on user owned hardware. Digital Transformation is a complex process between IT legacy and IT Cloud.

Systems powered by machines, robots, blockchain, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are quickly learning to carry out tasks traditionally done by people in many industries. JNIT Consultants can help organizations adopt and convert to these often, disruptive, technologies. We have the skills to Audit current systems, Business requirements and translate that to a true Digital Transformation strategy.

JNIT can successfully integrate technology, allowing middle market companies to increase revenue, streamline key business processes, increase scalability and agility. The bottom line is that we want to create a competitive advantage for our Customers.

JNIT key focus area’s

Operational efficiency

Rising costs are creating an even greater need for automation, but many businesses do not have the internal experience to automate key functions. JNIT can advise and implement processes to increase Operational efficiency.

Customer experience

JNIT can help create a seamless customer experience, streamlining the entire process from product development and sales to marketing and customer service.

Employee engagement

JNIT initiatives can empower employees, giving them the tools to work more effectively and manage their own careers. JNIT processes can increase flexibility, allowing employees to work remotely or provide insights from the field, increasing both productivity and satisfaction.